What is GeoTanih online?

Geotanih (geo – geography; tanih – soil) is a soil information system developed by the staff of Soil Resource Management and Conservation Division, Department of Agriculture Peninsular Malaysia (DOA). DOA is a lead agency and custodian for soil information in Peninsular Malaysia and it is responsible for carrying out soil survey and mapping for the region through a systematic soil survey program and maintaining the database of registered soil type. The products of these surveys are soil point examinations, soil maps and soil reports. A soil map shows the distribution of soil types in a particular area, while the accompanying report gives the descriptions, and evaluation of soil and crop suitability for that area. The basic soil-mapping unit is Soil Series, where it is named after the place (town, estates or kampung) where it is first described and classified, and no similarity in its set of properties with previous soil series in the database. To date, more than 300 soil series have been established in Peninsular Malaysia.

Geotanih contains modules on Soil Register, Soil Compendium, Crop Suitability Intelligent System, Soil Reference System and Soil Map Gallery. system is aimed to be used by DOA staff and users that are familiar with the soil.

  • Soil Register and Soil Compendium Modules consist of all registered soil series formed the basic reference to other modules. This modules contain information on typical profile description for each soil series and its description, analytical data, classification, suitability class, crop suitability and general recommendation for agriculture development. Basically, soil series are differentiated mainly on the basis of significant variations in morphological, chemical and mineralogical properties of the soil. These properties include mainly the kind, thickness and arrangement of horizons, and their structure, colour, texture, consistence, content of carbonates and other salts, content of humus and mineralogical composition. A significant difference in any one of these properties in any one horizon may be the basis for recognizing a different series. However, very rarely does one soil series vary from another in just one of these characteristics. It should be noted that precise rules governing exactly what characteristics are considered differentiating between series, or what ranges of these characteristics within a series, couldn’t be laid down for all conditions.
  • Soil-Crop Suitability Intelligent System is developed base on two factors; i.e. type and degree of soil limitations, and crop requirements. By key in the soil limitations, suitability of crops can be determined.
  • Soil Reference System as and aid to all soil surveyors especially staff in Soil Survey Section and those involve in the field mapping and classification of soil. This is a web base module contains Key to the Soil Identification Table which help the soil surveyors to identify soil series after the properties have been determined.
  • Soil Map Gallery in the formed of images (JPEG, TIFF) used as a reference.