Batu Anam Series

Soil developed on iron poor shale; light grey (10YR 7/1, 7/2) to white (10YR 8/1), common light reddish brown (2.5YR 6/4) and few yellowish red (5YR 5/6) mottles; clay to silty clay; strong, medium to coarse subangular blocky and prismatic; firm; moderately deep; somewhat imperfectly drained; occurs on undulating to hilly terrain; cation exchange capacity 5-10 cmol(+) per kg. soil; low base saturation; diagnostic argillic horizon


Occurs in many places especially at the interior of part Johor, Terengganu and Pahang

Soil Classification

FAO Unesco Revised Legend:
Gleyic Acrisol

USDA Soil Taxonomy:
Clayey, mixed, isohypherthermic, Aquic Hapludult

Soil Suitability Class


Major Limitation

Crop Suitability

Moderately suitable for most crops; short term crops are only moderately suitable on undulating to rolling terrain.

Batu Anam